How to Make Aloe Vera Oil And How to Use it?

We usually know aloe vera as a cactus-like tree that is very familiar for its usability for skin-related issues. But we rarely know about aloe vera oil and its wide range of benefits. This essential oil is enriched in vitamins and minerals. It has anti-aging and skin-lightening abilities. Besides, it is a natural cure for hair-related problems.

What is Aloe Vera Oil?

You may wonder if aloe vera has oily extract or if it produces oil. It is a mixture of aloe vera extract and oil. We call it aloe vera gel mixed with carrier oil. A whole range of oil, such as almond oil, olive oil, castor oil, and jojoba oil, can be the carrier of this oil. Mostly coconut oil is the finest choice here in general. What is Aloe Vera Oil

It has all the benefits that we get from aloe vera. Apart from that, being mixed with oil, it can now be applied to hair, scalps, and other body parts. In a general sense, it is an addition to the merits of its carrier oil. So this oil with the carrier as coconut oil is better than its carrier coconut oil. 


Although essential oil has recently gained popularity among health-conscious people, it has been used for medical purposes since the eighteenth century. There was a time when aloe vera was the tonic for a burn injury, venereal disease, skin rash, bruises, and so on. 

Its inner gel contains proteins, carbohydrates, and glycosides. Together with this gel, medicians at that time mixed wine, water, milk, and mineral water. This was the ancestor of our modern-day aloe vera oil.


All of us know Aloe vera. This plant is widely cultivated in India, the USA, Japan, Australia, and Europe. It is a bushy plant that typically attains 20 inches at its prime period. Farming of it is too suitable to grow in your home. Even you can grow it in a tub on your balcony. All of us know Aloe vera. This plant is widely cultivated in India, the USA, Japan, Australia, and Europe.

The perfect temperature for aloe vera cultivation is between 13 to 27 degree Celsius. You can put your aloe vera tree outside or anywhere convenient from May to September. But in winter, you have to be aware of the cold temperature. Because aloe vera mainly dies out in cold environments. 

How to make it?

Making a bottle of aloe vera essential oil is one of the easiest tasks.Making a bottle of aloe vera essential oil is one of the easiest tasks. You will need only 2 two ingredients. 

  • One fresh aloe vera leave
  • Half cup of coconut oil ( You may use other oils as well)
  • Step 1

First, pick a fresh aloe vera leaf because the fresh gel is a must here. Then cut both sharp spines. Afterward, cut the top of the leaf open and collect aloe vera gel with a clean spoon or knife.

  • Step 2

Now take some carrier oil. Here we will use coconut oil as this is the most used carrier oil. 

  • Step 3

Now put the collected gel in a grinder or mixer and grind for some time. Just make the gel crushed and mixed. Refrain from grinding for long, as the gel will get foamy and bubbly.

  • Step 4

Add your crushed aloe vera gel and carrier oil to a pan. Stir them very slowly on low flame. Continuously stir them until they get brown color. 

  • Step 5

At last, keep them aside for cooling down. Once it is done, now store them in a dry bottle.

How does it work?

The essential oil is different from aloe vera gel in terms of use. Its gel is directly applied on the skin, but this essential oil is for hair care and skin.

It works as a moisturizer and makes skin bright. Your scalp will not be hydrated because of its oily substance. And there are many skin benefits of aloe vera gel, such as acne removal and anti-aging. This oil also minimizes wrinkles and skin marks. 

Uses and benefits

Aloe vera gel is widely used in the skincare and cosmetics industry. But this oil is very new to this area. Despite its easy-making process, it has extraordinary value for skin and hair care. Besides, you can quickly produce this in your home without any effort. 

1. Anti-Hair Fall

Anti-Hair FallAloe vera is enriched with antioxidants and minerals. This makes hair strong from the root. At the same time, this oil prevents the scalp from being dry and stiff. As a result, hair fall is reduced by using essential oil. Along with this, It repairs your hair strands. You can use it on your hair every day. But to get the minimum results, you should use it thrice a week.

2. Anti-dandruff

Fenugreek Oil is to get rid of dandruffIt is very beneficial for preventing dandruff in your hair. It has anti-fungal elements that reduce dandruff. Its anti-oxidant qualities prevent cell damage. It keeps the scalp wet and prevents it from becoming dry and dusty. This natural oil containing enzymes lessens itchy skin.

3. Hair Growth

The essential oil needs carrier oil, and most of the carrier is coconut oil. For this reason, its substance, coconut oil, boosts hair growth. Besides, this oil revitalize hair follicles. It cleans up the dry cells on your scalps. Both of them encourage your hair to be more grown. It also thickens your hair and increases the density of your hair. 

4. Skin Lightening

Besides using it on your scalp, you can apply it on your face. Aloin is an organic depigmenting substance. It is very well known for its capability to brighten skin cells. It contains this compound. Besides, this substance prevents dark spots and marks on the skin. It also helps you to get rid of dead cells. 

5. Cure Acne

The natural mix with tea tree oil can prevent acne and heals it.The natural mix with tea tree oil can prevent acne and heals it. A study says that if someone uses it on the acne spots for roughly one week, acne can be lessened by up to 50%. Your dark spots will start to get rid of after three days of use. It can assist you in the treatment of chronic and extremely inflammatory diseases.

6. Anti-Aging Capability

Dry and rough skin produces wrinkles. Moreover, this makes you look old. Unmoistered skin makes your skin thin and closes pores. As a result, the sensitivity of your skin reduces dramatically. It is a perfect and natural tonic for wrinkles. Dry and rough skin produces wrinkles. This oil helps Anti-Aging.

It has a compound named “Mucopolysaccharides”. This compound moistens the skin and keeps it wet for a long time. Moreover, it also contains elastin fibers and collagen. These make skin softer and thicker. In a nutshell, this oil tightens your skin and makes you look young. 

7. Cure Stretch Marks

You may get stretch marks from weight lifting, during pregnancy, or rapid weight change. However, the mark is very much irritating for anyone. But there is an easy topic for these marks. You may get stretch marks from weight lifting, during pregnancy, or rapid weight change.

It is mixed with sweet almond oil to prevent these marks from spreading across the abdomen. The solution mitigates the itchy feeling on these marks. It cures the redness o these marks. This oil typically takes 15-20 minutes to tighten these saggy skins.

8. Mosquito Repelling Ability

Mosquito RepellingThe essential oil mixed with olive oil is a natural mosquito repellant. Research shows that mosquito sits much less on skins where aloe vera mixed with olive oil was applied. So this can save you from Dengue, Malaria, and other mosquito-caused diseases. 

9. Safety from Ultra Violet Damage

The natural protects hair from the ultraviolet rays that come directly from the sun. Ulta-violet ray reduces hair’s elasticity and makes it rough. It makes hair tend to break. Moreover, UV deems hair’s natural color and shine. Aloe vera oil-soaked hair is not reactive to ultraviolet rays when exposed to sunlight. 

10. Pain Relief

The essential oil is a great pain reliever for arthritis and joint pain.The essential oil is a great pain reliever for arthritis and joint pain. Gently massaged mild warm aloe vera essential can mitigate bone-related pain. You can make it more effective by mixing peppermint and wintergreen oil with natural oil. 

11. Prevent Underarm Odor

In summer, smelly underarm is a common phenomenon that we all face. There are a lot of chemical-made underarm smell removers out there. But chemicals have their side effect. Moreover, it prevents this bad underarm smell. Regular application of it under your arm can save you from this twattle.  

12. Prevent Cancer

This one is one of the best use of the essential oil. It consists of anti-oxidants. Moreover, Antioxidant restricts free particles from harming the body cell. Eventually, it protects our bodies from colon cancer. 

In the process of chemotherapy, many side effects relating to skin emerge. It helps to overcome those. At the very least, it slows the rapid growth of tumors.


Apart from all the benefits, we have observed already, some harmful effects of using essential oil remain. Despite that effect being very minimal, one should learn about them before use. Apart from all the benefits, we have observed already, some harmful effects of using essential oil remain.

This product may not be for you if you are allergic to the Lily family plant. In this case, the user will face diarrhea, skin rashness, irritation, allergies, and pain. 

Some researchers show that the aloe plant contains phenolic and polysaccharides chemicals. Those particles are sometimes harmful when you swallow them. You may face diarrhea.

If you are pregnant, then avoiding this oil may be better. However, it is harmless mainly to everyone. But once you swallow it somehow, you may face respiratory problems. That may cause a complex problem if you are expecting a baby. This caution goes the same for breastfeeding moms. 

Children less than 12 years old also have to use this with proper caution. Cause any accidental swallow of this oil may cause stomach ache and diarrhea.

Aloe vera gel is critical to humidity and temperature. So you should refrigerate this natural oil with proper care.  

How to use

Aloe Vera Oil is mainly for hair care purposes. But you can use it on your skin too. When using it on your hair, you must apply it just like any other oil. Gently massage it to your scalp. Wait a bit to absorb the essence of the oil on your scalp.

Afterward, rinse it with water and shampoo after several hours. You can put it on overnight. Since this is made of natural ingredients, it would be better to leave it overnight.

If you are facing a dandruff-related problem, you may get results after using it for one week.

In case of using it on the skin, you can apply it on your skin before the bath. Wait for a bit and wash your skin.

Where to Buy

Essential oil is very convenient to produce at home. It is easy and hassle-free. But tons of cosmetics brands sell it throughout the globe. 

  • Any convenient shop

Any shop selling skin and hair care products sells this oil. Today, brands like Parachute, Nutripure Organic, Dabur Vatika, Trichup, etc., are selling it. As major brands are already marketing this, you may find it anywhere.

  • Online

E-commerce sites like Amazon, Alibaba, Ali Express, and all small to medium-range sites are selling it. These sites have many campaigns and sale days all over the year. If you keep your eyes open, you may find the best oil at the lowest price possible.

  • Medical Store

You can have prescribed oil in medical stores for specific treatment purposes. If your skin is over-sensitive or allergic to the aloe vera plant, you should stop by a medical store and ask a pharmacist about your need. 

What is the product made of Aloe vera?

Besides, tons of cosmetics products from the aloe vera plant are open for you.Nowadays, our life becomes too much busy and hasty. We have rare time to take care of ourselves, let alone make aloe vera. So there are plenty of options out there to choose from.

  • Aloe vera body massage oil
  • Aloe vera organic oil
  • Aloe vera mixed with inorganic particle
  • Oil mixed with Argan oil
  • Oil mixed with Jojoba oil
  • Aloe Vera mixed with Olive oil
  • Oil mixed with Sweet Almond oil

Besides, tons of cosmetics products from the aloe vera plant are open for you. Both aloe vera plants will deliver you the same benefit. 

The Facts of this Oil

There are some fascinating facts about aloe vera. You might know them before using them.

  1. The oil is not the same as aloe vera gel. It is not the oily essence of the aloe vera plant. Moreover, it is just the aloe vera gel mixing up with a carrier oil.
  2. This oil can be applied on both skin and hair. 
  3. There are some people allergic to Lily family plants or similar cactus plants. They should avoid this oil. As a substitute, they can use almond oil or tea tree oil.
  4. Aloe vera causes diarrhea while someone is swallowing it. It may harm your respiratory system. For this reason, you have to be cautious not to swallow it.
  5. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should be careful to use this oil.
  6. There are lots of varieties available as carrier oil for aloe vera. You can choose sweet almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, etc.
  7. Children below 12 years old should use it under the proper guidance of a senior person. Because if this oil gets into the stomach somehow, it may cause stomach ache and diarrhea.
  8. Many brands call it by other names, such as BioVera Aloe Oil, Aloe barbadensis Essential Oil, etc.

Final Thought

Aloe vera itself is renowned for its skin-healing ability. It would not be surprising to have a similar ability in aloe vera. It has antioxidants and minerals that keep you safe from cancer. The gelly compound from aloe vera moistened your scalp and skin and locked the moisture. It benefits anti-hair fall, anti-dandruff, hair growth, and skin care.

Despite aloe vera oil being new in cosmetics, many established brands have already launched their essentials. You can find it in any shop, pharmacy, and even online. Most importantly, you can make it easily in your home.

Dr. Ayman Afia is a beauty, herbal, and essential oil expert. She has five years of working experience. She loves making essential oil, homemade remedy products, and delicious food. Dr. Afia formulates safe and effective essential oil blends for various concerns. Her expertise in herbs creates natural remedies for minor to severe ailments. As a skilled chef, Dr. Afia creates delicious and healthy recipes with herbal benefits. She offers personalized beauty regimens based on experience. Moreover, she is passionate about promoting natural remedies and healthy living.