The Importance of Basil Oil and How to Make it in an Organic Way

Basil oil is a widely used essential oil made from Ocimum basilicum, also known as Basil Plant or sweet Basil plant. Sweet basil oil emits a sweet, warm, fresh, licorice-like, and floral scent. This intensely fragrant and nutrition-dense plant oil has medicinal and culinary uses. Besides, it is well known for its aromatic and skincare properties.  

What is Basil oil?

This herb oil is made from basil leaves. Mostly the leaves are green, but you may find some purple variants famous for their savory clove-like flavor. You can infuse basil essence into other oil like olive oil or truffle oil. You can extract pure oil from basil leaves. This herb oil is made from basil leaves.

Due to culinary uses, basil leaves are mostly infused into edible oils. Its aromatic properties can freshen up your room and remove foul odors. In the Indian sub-continent, Basil is sacred and valued for its Ayurvedic properties. This herb has versatile uses, and you will find details in the following article. 


The word Basil originated from the Latin word “basileus” and the Greek word “basilikón phutón,” which means “royal plant.” The oldest use of Basil believes to be in India. They call it Tulsi and consider it holy and sacred, which helps the departed soul reach the afterlife and evade evil spirits. 

The European consider it the ‘Queen of all herbs. They used it for culinary purposes. But It was, the Chinese established it as a plant of medicine. Egyptians believe it is the means of the transition to heaven.  

You can still find the use of Basil in different cases. Modern cosmetics has various use for Basil leaves oil or powder. Italians still use it in their rich culture of foods. Alongside 

How to Make Organic Basil oil?

You can use fresh basil leaves, extract their essence into a carrier oil, and use it for culinary purposes. But fresh herb oil within carrier oil has limited use and a concise shelf life. 

The most versatile use of Basil is mainly as an essential oil, which is harder to produce and shelf-stable. You must follow some complex steps and need special equipment to distill the end product.  

The production procedure may be challenging, but it is possible to execute at home with the help of a few extraction equipment and multiple small steps. We discussed the steps below. How To Make Organic Basil Oil

Prepare the Leaves

You can not extract oil from fresh leaves. It is too humid and tender. First, you must reduce the leaves’ water content by freezing them for 24 hours. Then it would be best to grind the dry leaves into a powder with a blender or spice grinder. Low temperature will help to retain all flavor in essential oil. 

Rehydrate the leaves

You need to distill the dried powder. You have rehydrated it by adding water in a 1:2 ratio. For every 100g of powder, you must infuse 50g of water. After adding the water, stir adequately and wait for the complete absorption. 

Distillation Set Up

After developing a compact distillation system, You can use sets like EssenExTM 100 Distillation Kit or others. It will make your procedure easier. You can build your distillery by following a few steps from the user manual. On the other hand, with some expert help, you can buy lab equipment suitable for small distillation. 


Heat the pot containing the basil water solution. After 5-6 minutes of heat, the evaporation begins. The water vapor will turn into liquid oil when it reaches the condenser. Initially, there will be condensed water vapor. 


After a while, the oil will come out from the end of the condenser. Then you put a pot where you want to collect your essential oil. Primary output may need to be more stable for preservation because of its water content. You may re-distill the oil or heat it slowly to eliminate additional water. 

The final essential oil will be clean and clear, so you can preserve it in a glass bottle for long-term use. 

How does it work?

In essential oil, there are 11 different chemicals you may find. Some of them have extraordinary properties that we use for different purposes. The most common chemical in herb oil is Cinnamate. It can absorb UVBs and is suitable for use in sunscreen.  

Linalool is the most valued substance in Ocimum Basilicum oil. It enhances the capacity of multiple neurotransmitter receptors and increases hormonal function like Solonine, Dopamine, etc., which helps our brain relax and reduce tension and anxiety. The neurological effects of herb oil make it most appealing.

Basil oil is well renowned for its aroma. A waxy material named Camphor is the reason behind this pleasing odor. It can stimulate our nerves, ease the pain, reduce itching, and helps to suppress cough. 

Cultivation of Basil

Basil cultivation requires 6-8 hours of sunlight and between 13-27℃ temperatures.Basil cultivation requires 6-8 hours of sunlight and between 13-27℃ temperatures. Below 10℃ temperature can freeze it to death. Make sure this temperature and light requirements and choose the best Basil. Purple, Thai, or cinnamon basil is considered the best among all. 

You have to prepare the land, fertilize and develop the drainage system. Six weeks before the spring is the most prominent time for planting the seed. Planting the seed 25 inches deep and 10-12 inches apart would be best. When 6-8 pairs of leaves grow, you have to prune the top for brunching.  

Since your plant grows as tall as 8 inches, you can harvest leaves. It is best to collect leaves in the morning when they are fresh and juicy. You can collect 4-6 cups of leaves weekly from 12 plants if your plant grows well. 

After the collection, you must preserve it as soon as possible. Freezing is the best way to preserve flavor. If you are okay with losing some of their flavors, you can also dry them.  

Uses and Benefits of Basil oil

Ocimum Basilicum oil has myriad uses and benefits. It is hard to write them all down in one article. Hence we tried to discuss the most prominent properties of herb oil below. Uses and Benefits of Basil oil

1. Oil for Cosmetic Use

You may find different skin care products containing basil. This plant oil will provide nutrition and improve the tone and luster of your skin. It also uses as a treatment for acne and other skin infections. 

2. Elevate headache and Anti-anxiety

We have discussed the properties of Linalool that can reduce headaches and help to reduce migraine pain. I will ease the tension, reduce your anxiety, and provide you with a stress-free life.   

3. Reduce Knee Pain

It can help you with knee pain after long, stressful work days. It would be best to massage a few drops of oil on the knee where it strains. The chilling effect of herb oil will soothe you immediately. In the long run, your pain will go away eventually. 

4. Improve Digestion

You can use it as a digestion tonic. The plant oil has some carminative properties. That prevents or reduces your suffering from indigestion, stomachache, constipation, etc. You can use a couple of drops of essential oil with an edible carrier oil to improve your stomach performance. 

5. Weight loss

Tension and anxiety can help you to gain weight. As the herb oil reduces your tension and anxiety, it will indirectly help to reduce weight.  

6. Anti-bacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties

Basil oil has anti-microbial components that can work against bacteria, fungi, and other microbes. Because of that, you will find different hygienic products which contain Ocimum Basilicum oil. This herb oil is good for curing skin infections or mouth ulcers.  

In the future, it will be considered to use as a food preserver. Sweet basil oil contains eugenol, which is well known for its antioxidant functions. 

7. Blood circulation

The plant oil helps to circulate the blood in your body. By improving the good microbial function in your body, herb oil makes your circulation system more efficient. 

8. Promotes Hair growth and health

Aa It helps blood circulation on the tip of your hair. That will promote the growth of your hair. Like Rosemary, basil can have a profound effect on your hair. A few drops of oil with your shampoo can remove grease and all pollution that is good for the health of your hair. 

9. Cold and Cough

Chemically, Ocimum Basilicum oil is anti-spasmodic, which is suitable for treating typical colds associated with fever and cough, whooping cough, and influenza. 

10. Diabetes

Using herb oil can minimize the activity of enzymes (amylase & glucosidase) that cause Type-2 diabetes and help to control the disease. Moreover, having oil before a meal can reduce your blood sugar level.   

11. Reduction of ear pain

Ocimum Basilicum oil can reduce your ear pain quickly. You have to apply coup drops of oil to your ear with the help of a cotton ball. It will reduce the pain in the most organic way possible. However, make sure no oil enters your ear. It will cause more problems than solutions. 

12. Insect repellent

Herb oil can be a healthy substitute for insect or mosquito repellent without harming our lungs, like aerosols.


Allergy and sensitivity: Some person has an allergy to Basil should avoid it. It can cause a problem for someone who has sensitive skin. 

Blood loss and low blood pressure: Although rare, it can prevent the blood from clotting and causes blood loss. Sometimes, it can reduce your blood pressure to a level that is not good for your body.  

Cancer: It contains a chemical called, Estragole which can cause cancer. Yet the doses you may use are way lower than the level that can give you cancer.  

Pregnancy: During pregnancy, you must avoid using basil because it causes some side effects that are bad for an unborn baby.  

How to use

There is a particular use of herb oil for a specific problem. A single using method can only help you with some problems. You must know in detail about basil oil used for all kinds of problems. 

One of the most frequent ways to use Ocimum Basilicum oil is to inhale it. But you can not inhale it directly. First, dilute 2-3 drops of oil into hot water and inhale the vapor for up to 60 minutes. It will improve your circulation and provide you with some respiratory comfort. 

If you want to massage the oil for headache, knee pain, etc., you must dilute a few drops in some carrier oil and apply it to the painful joints. You can also use the carrier oil for skin or hair similarly. 

For acne, you must choose some light oil like almonds or Argon as the carrier. Before applying the career oil, you have to clean the skin properly and apply some oil on the skin. That will reduce or remove the acne gradually. 

Greasy or sticky hair falls quickly. You can use herb oil mixed with shampoo or conditioner to solve the problem. You must mix ¼ cup of hair care ingredients with 3-5 drops of oil and apply it as before. It will remove the stickiness and clean the scalp.   

Where to Buy

The most reliable option for buying any essential oil, like Ocimum Basilicum oil, is from cosmetic stores, CVS, grocery stores, health care stores, etc. You may find one of them in your area. Only some of the products it sells are reliable enough to buy. 

You have to find some reputed brands or stores that sell original and pure products because there is a lot of contamination and replica products in circulation. 

Essential oil is tough to make, which makes it insanely expensive sometimes. You should avoid falling for cheap or counterfeit products. Finding the original and pure product is essential regardless of which store you buy from, online or offline; the product that matters, not the store.

To buy a suitable product, you must bring someone experienced in essential oil alongside a bloated wallet. Initially, you can not buy these things yourself, but with the help of someone experienced, you can gain experience and help others find the right things. 

What is the product made of Basil oil?

You can find various bands of herb oil available in the market for all purposes.You can find various bands of herb oil available in the market for all purposes. You need help finding special oil for specific use. All oils have similar chemical properties, but specific use makes them unique. You may use a single bottle for all of your problems. 

However, some reputed basil oil brands, including Plant Therapy, Aura Cacia, Eden’s Garden, Rocky Mountain Oils, Vitruvi, etc., are available in the market. You can purchase one of them based on your preference and needs.  

The Facts of this Oil

I found so many exciting facts during my research. I can not wait to share them with you. 

  1. Basil is one of the most adored and revered herbs worldwide.
  2. Apart from the essential oil, basil leaves have unique uses from ancient times. 
  3. No other herb has so many mythological sources as Basil. You can find fascinating use and stories revolving around Basil in antiquity. 
  4. Fresh herb oil in carrier oil is healthy and safe to eat. On the contrary, swallowing a small portion of essential oil made from the same basil leaf will be life-threatening. 
  5. You can dilute Ocimum Basilicum oil in hot water or other oils.
  6. You can inhale the oil vapor and send them directly to your nervous system, but you can not drink the oil itself.  
  7. It will enhance your neurological competence and help you to recover quickly. 
  8. It can be an excellent medicine for migraine and all other pain.
  9. Basi oil has not only anti-microbial properties but also properties that can kill fungi. Moreover, it can evade insects. 
  10. For certain people with cardiovascular conditions, basil oil can reduce platelet count and cause non-stop bleeding. 
  11. The antioxidant properties save all our cells, including the ones that cause cancer.  
  12. Herb oil can reduce the weight of the ovaries and damage the unborn child. 

Final Thought

Ocimum Basilicum oil is both a cosmetics and medicine. A bottle in your cabinet can help you change your mood, protect your hair and skin, and help you stay healthy and get cured. For the best result, you have to manage the quality product. If you cannot find any reliable source of basil plant oil, then buckle up and prepare your backyard for basil cultivation. It may take some time, but believe me, the end product worth every second of it. 

After a productive spring and summer, your frozen leaves take no time to get distilled and provide you with the purest essential oil. Remember, it is hard to find because it is harder to produce. One batch of homemade herb oil is much more fun than collecting it from the supermarket shelf and being deceived or expense a fortune for the right product.    

With all those conveniences, basil oil has some attributes that can bring risk to your life. So please use this invaluable component with caution and expert helps.

MD. Asadullah Al Galib is a dedicated writer for He has a vast interest in different herbal products and natural plants. He loves to read and write his cumulative knowledge for the readers. The author is a keen fan of sports and anime. Moreover, he loves to learn new things.