Virgin Coconut Oil: Best 20 Uses of Coco Oil to Surprise You!

Coconut oil is a type of oil that is extracted from coconut shells. Coconut is collected from coconut trees. It is extracted from both dry and raw states. When it converted to oil, it seems that there is no use of this oil except for the hair. However, day by day, various uses of natural oil are coming up in research, which gives a lot of benefits to the body’s skin everywhere. We can solve many problems by using this virgin oil.

Types of Cocos Nucifera Oil

Based on production and processing we can differentiate the oil by many types. The classification occurs only for processing. However, all are made from coconut’s white shells. Here are the types of Cocos Nucifera Oil:

Organic: This natural oil is made from coconuts collected directly from the tree. It uses natural ingredients instead of chemical. No chemical is used in its production. There is no shortage of nutrients in this type of oil.

Non-Organic: The oil is made from coconut that uses chemical.

Refined Oil: Refined oil is made from dried coconut. It retains its natural aroma and taste. It is bleached and goes through a process that minimizes bacteria. A little white can also be used to make it attractive.

Virgin / Crude / Cold Pressed Oil: Generally, crude oil is most valuable because it is made from completely pure and fresh coconut fruit. Without any adulteration, it shows natural color. It is made in 1-2 days from the coconut selected for making crude oil. It is also called Virgin Coconut Oil.

Nutrition and fat ratio

Cocos Nucifera Oil

Cocos nucifera oil is 99% fat, the main part of which is saturated fat. Per 100 grams of natural oil contains 890 calories. Half of the saturated fat is lauric acid. However, other saturated fats include myristoleic acid and palmitoleic acid. 72% of total fat is saturated fat, 8% is monounsaturated fat, and 2% is polyunsaturated fat. This oil contains phytosterols. Here are the Fatty acids ratio of this oil:

Serial Ingredients Ratio
1. Lauric saturated C12 48%
2. Myristic saturated C14 16%
3. Palmitic saturated C16 9.5%
4. Capric saturated C10 8%
5.  Caprylic saturated C8 7%
6. Oleic monounsaturated C18:1 6.5%
7. Other 5%
Italic: Saturated; Underlined: Monounsaturated; Bold: Polyunsaturated

The Best 20 Uses of Coconut Oil

Like black seed oil we usually use natural coco oil as food, beauty product and medicine. This oil is used in many parts of South Asia for hiar but is rarely used for medicine. That is why we know very little about the properties of this oil in cooking. Researchers say that eating this oil is better than any other oil. Here are the best 20 uses of this oil.

1. To increase energy

Consumption of edible oil every day increases the energy of the body. The acid in copra oil also helps to relax the brain. So, you can use natural plam oil in cooking.

2. Minor burns

In case of sudden burns, use some cocos nucifera oil. Apply this oil on the burnt area after a while. You will see that the burning has decreased a lot.

3. To moisturize the skin

Hair oil is used to moisturize the skin. It acts as a natural moisturizer. Moreover, its antioxidant properties relieve skin burns and wrinkles. You can use this oil on the skin without using lotion.

4. To eliminate digestive problems

Hair oil contains some beneficial fats. Its antimicrobial properties eliminate stomach infections. So, it will eliminate digestive problems.

Coconut oil helps in digestion and digestion. If you suffer from digestive disorders and digestive problems, you can use hair oil regularly. This oil is also used to cure stomach ailments and stomach disorders.

Using coconut plam oil in food is not bad. You can use this oil as a substitute for regular cooking and butter. And it can also be eaten as an alternative to the vegetable oil on the market.

5. To eliminate insomnia

Pure coco oil eliminates sleep problems. It regulates the body’s internal functions, which helps you sleep better. Drink three tablespoons of pure coconut daily.

6. To relieve pain

If you have knee pain then massage lukewarm hair oil on joint pain or knee pain. This oil will help reduce the pain.

7. To remove wrinkles

There is no alternative of coconut to stop wrinkles and wrinkles. So, you need to massage hair oil on the skin twice a day. Its antioxidant properties prevent wrinkles on the skin. so you can do it regularly.

8. To remove the stench of sweat

To remove the stench of sweat, massage some amount of hair oil on the armpits. The ingredients of it absorb sweat, which prevents bad breath.

9. Enhances immunity in the body

Fresh oil from coconut shells has many properties. It is rich in Vitamin E, good fatty acids, and natural properties to boost the body’s immune system. The extraction of oil contains a lot of natural minerals. Plenty of these fatty acids also boost immunity and produce medium-chain fatty acids.

Cold-pressed coconut oil contains medium-chain triglyceride fat, which cleanses the liver by eliminating liver problems. Saturated fat but good for the body because the body can easily absorb this fat.

You can understand the benefits of the body by eating a spoonful of oil in the morning. This oil will help keep the body disease-free with a balanced diet.

10. Reduce Weight

Coco oil reduces body weight. From getting thick hair and soft skin to lowering blood sugar levels, it is full of fantastic health benefits. 

This oil helps reduce body fat. This oil reduces body weight. Moreover, this oil is rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, and polyphenols. It helps maintain hormonal balance. Extra virgin coconut oil is used in cooking for weight loss. It does not contain saturated fat, so it does not increase cholesterol levels and Weight. The fatty acids (MCFS) in oil increase our digestive power.

If you want to reduce weight, you need to keep the number of vegetables in your diet. At the same time, you have to cook these vegetables in this oil. However, the amount of oil should not be too much. Also, add a drop of oil to morning tea or coffee.

11. To reduce acne

Many people think that the oil closes the pores and it causes acne. But various studies say that oil helps reduce the inflammation of acne. Moreover, the antibacterial properties of this oil reduce acne.

12. Controlling blood sugar

One of the health benefits of coco oil is that it plays a role in controlling the level of blood sugar. A moderate amount of oil in a daily diet is very beneficial, especially for those who have diabetes and suffer from complications related to high blood superficial.

13. Cholesterol Reduce

If you have problems with excess cholesterol, you can eat coco oil. It has good levels of saturated fat. This fat, called lauric acid, raises the level of good cholesterol in the blood and helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. As well as this oil helps in the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.

14. To get rid of dandruff

Winter is the season for dry skin. The scalp is not immune to this damage. Dandruff is more likely to occur in winter due to drying of the scalp. This dandruff is one of the causes of hair loss. So now it is the time to be careful. Because there is no benefit in taking care after a hair fall, you have to take steps to have hair on your head.

However, the problem of dandruff can be prevented by some home remedies. You can remove dandruff by using this oil. Lemon, coconut oil, or castor oil in the house – all these ingredients will get rid of dandruff. This method is not very difficult, nor is it a problematic ingredient.

Here’s how to get rid of dandruff by applying this ingredient:

Lemon juice and coco oil

In dry weather, the oil provides moisture to the scalp. It provides nutrition to the hair follicles. So, heat the  oil a little and add a few drops of lemon juice. Half an hour before the bath, apply this mixture to the hair and massage it well. Wait for 20 to 30 minutes and shampoo it. Get rid of dandruff.

Mixure with and castor oil

You can use hot coco oil and castor oil every night. You can also massage the hair well with oil on the fingertips. Then tie your hair and lie down. Shampoo the following day. Doing this three days a week will reduce dandruff significantly.

15. Relieve constipation

Constipation is a big problem for adults. So, to get rid of these diseases, you can apply natural oil as food. However, the oil is costly. Initially, you may get a strange smell, but later, you will be habituated to using this oil.

How to eat coco oil to get rid of constipation?

Virgin coconut oil is said to be the best remedy for constipation. It is derived from fresh coconut milk and is 100% natural. The regular uses of one or two teaspoons of this oil are beneficial for those who suffer from constipation.

You can eat the oil in two ways for quick relief. You can swallow one teaspoon of oil every morning or mix it with coffee or a glass of juice in the morning. However, make sure that the oil is edible.

Taking coco oil is safe and has no side effects. However, if you have a chronic illness or are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before using this home remedy.

16. Prolong the intimate moment

According to scientists, in addition to being a lubricant, this oil also reduces the risk of inflammation during intercourse. Some of its ingredients make late in mating season. There are many benefits to using this oil, from cooking to hair care. This oil can also be very beneficial during sexual intercourse between men and women.

A research paper was recently published in the International Journal of Life Sciences Research. It is claimed that oil is safe to use on human skin as a moisturizer and lubricant and prevents many bacterial infections. Like the scientists, this oil can be beneficial during physical contact between men and women.

A few years ago, a study by some doctors in the United States showed that about 30 percent of women suffer from pain during intercourse with men. The cause is dryness of the genitals. This oil can solve that problem.

17. Reduces the risk of heart disease

Olive oil and fish oil are very effective in reducing the risk of heart disease. Lately, there has been talking of this coco oil.

18. Improving the dental health

An ingredient called calcium plays a unique role in protecting teeth. This oil does this so that the body properly absorbs it. As a result, playing it does not cause any damage to the teeth or gums.

19. Increased liver-heart-kidney performance

The oil is enriched with medium-chain triglycerides and fatty acids. These ingredients play a valuable role in enhancing the performance of the liver and kidneys. Also, the heart stays good.

20. Cocos nucifera oil cinnamon cures acne

Many people have various skin problems in winter. Rash or acne is one of these problems. Regular use of this oil and cinnamon can reduce the solution. This oil and cinnamon both have antibacterial properties that help reduce acne.

How coconut oil works?

Virgin Coconut OilCopra oil lubricates the inside of the abdomen, which helps smooth the body’s movement and prevents constipation. According to another source, this oil can increase metabolism. As a result, it removes excess waste from the body and prevents constipation. However, not much research has been done to establish a clear relationship between constipation and this oil intake.

How to use coco oil in a face pack? 

You can mane face pack with one teaspoon copra oil one teaspoon cinnamon powder. Here are the details:


1. Mix cinnamon powder and oil and make a paste.

2. Wait for half an hour.

3. Wash your face after half an hour. Must be done three times a week.

Copra oil also prevents skin infections by killing harmful bacteria in the skin. The use of oil is effective enough to reduce the burning sensation on the skin. This oil is a good moisturizer for dry skin.

Caution: Cinnamon can irritate the skin. You can reduce or increase the amount of cinnamon according to your skin’s tolerance.

How to recognize 100% Natural Grinded Coconut Oil?

First of all, when it comes to color, the color of the coconut in the bottle is very golden. The oil is extracted by crushing the coconut husk in a large grinder. And since the oil is made naturally without any chemical filtration, the oil contains some light shell powder.

Coco oil

The crushed oil made from fresh coconut is not artificially refined, containing a small amount of water. Since this oil is made entirely without heat, remove the water by boiling the oil. There is a chance to ruin the oil.

With a bit of water, it is best to finish using this oil within a year of starting. Because the quality of fresh oil is far from over, sometimes it is better to put a bottle of crushed oil in the sun. Homemade pickles, such as those in the sun, stay fresh and do not smell.

My Experience about copra oil in hair care

After bathing, you can see the difference between using this oil in any mask and the herbal oil recipe. You will see that those who sometimes try to make herbal oil with a refined oil in the market, what a difference between pure oil !!

– Besides, my mother and I sometimes break a handful of fenugreek and blackberries in a bottle of pure copra oil and pour it into the oil. After that, I put the oil bottle in the sun every day for one week. The oil is mixed with fenugreek and calendula essential oil. In this way, using pure oil reduces dandruff and strengthens the hair follicles.

– After bathing, I regularly apply it all over my body. Mineral oil blended oils are as heavy and sticky as grinding oil; not even one-third of it is sticky. And the oil is absorbed into the skin in no time.

– My grandmother and my mother used to bring cocos nucifera oil from the grinder and use it for massaging children’s bodies. Nowadays, we buy what we get from the market and start smearing it on children.

– Plam oil massage on regular skin reduces the impression of age. It removes body scars. It keeps away any kind of skin disease. So, for those whose skin is sagging for ages or whose skin is peeling all the time, they should massage a little copra oil all over their body before taking a bath. If the skin is extra dry, massage the body while it is a little wet after bathing. And no extra chemicals can touch your skin. I hope you get good results from any body lotion.

Do you know how much coco oil is beneficial for your skin?

In the language of advertising, beautiful skin is the best makeup. So there is nothing wrong with trying to make the skin a little brighter! No matter how many garments you use, there is nothing better than this oil for skincare! This oil is just as good for your hair as it is for your skin! Take a look at how you can use oil on the face!

Those with oily skin should not apply the oil directly to their face. Instead, use copra oil as an ingredient in face packs. People with dry skin can apply oil directly on the face like a cream. For dry skin, there is no better moisturizer like cocos nucifera oil! Buy extra virgin coconut oil without buying copra for commercial hair. This oil is lighter and purer than ordinary oil. Regular use of oil kills harmful bacteria in the skin and prevents skin infections. It is also effective in reducing any skin irritation.

Coco oil is hair food!

hair treatment oil of coconut tree

Healthy hair is a crop of regular care. Unwanted hair color excessive use of shampoo and conditioner causes hair loss. If you don’t take care of your hair, your hair will soon break and break.

Oil is the primary ingredient in hair care. Pure copra oil in hair care has been around since ancient times. There is no pair of oil to enhance the health and beauty of hair. The best way to stay firm and shiny is to massage your hair with oil.

Remember, any other oil will not work like this one. Apply an oil that contains ingredients that can go deep into the hair and reach the roots. Only then can the hair follicles be protected from all the chemicals in the shampoo. And for this, you have to massage with oil before shampooing!

Copra oil is one of the few versatile hair oils that can penetrate deep into the hair. This is because this oil contains a type of fatty acid called lauric acid, making it easier for hair to absorb than any other oil. The hair also becomes smooth and robust.

Coconut oil retains moisture in the hair and retains essential proteins. As a result, protein is not lost during washing, and hair remains strong and healthy. Before shampooing, it is better to massage the hair by mixing this oil with ingredients like amla, onion, sesame, black cumin. It is a simple but effective way to increase hair growth and health.

Depending on how much care you get for your hair, you should massage oil the night before or just before washing your hair. There is no way to avoid shampooing, so here is how to make a oil mask-like applying it to your hair. You can easily make this mask yourself. This mask will protect our hair’s much-needed moisture and shine.

Pour half a cup of olive oil and one copra oil into a bowl and shake. Massage into your hair follicles and palate and leave for 30-45 minutes (you can also apply overnight if needed). If you want, you can tie it on your head with a slightly warm towel for 30-45 minutes. Now, Wash your hair, then shampoo your head.

Mask of oil

This mask of oil is very effective in hair care. You can use this virgin two or three times a week because natural oil contains vitamins E, K, and iron. These ingredients easily reach the hair through the scalp. Oil massage on the scalp increases blood circulation, and the hair can easily absorb all the vitamins present in oil. And while these vitamins provide essential nutrients, they retain the moisture of the scalp and reduce the appearance of dandruff. And this is how natural oil penetrates deep into the hair and does deep hair conditioning.

Lip care with coconut oil and sugar

The benefits of oil may not be over. Its use on hair and skin, in general, is prevalent. Moreover, the effectiveness of oil is quite noticeable, even for extra rough skin.

The use of oil is not limited to this. It is also very effective as a scrub to remove dead cells from the lips. But if you mix a little sugar with it, it works like magic. There is nothing better than scrubbing your lips at home.

Mix one teaspoon of oil with half a teaspoon of granulated sugar. You can apply the mixture to the lips with the help of a toothbrush. However, you can get good benefits by using white sugar in this case.

Shortly after applying the scrub, the ‘dead cell’ of the lips will come up. This method should be followed two to three days a week for best results. Half a teaspoon of beetroot juice can also be added to the mixture to turn the lips pink.

Is eating copra oil healthy?

Many people nowadays use this oil a healthy alternative to edible oil. We mainly use this oil to nourish our hair. But South Indians use this oil for all their cooking. But the question is, how valuable is this oil?

More about cocos nucifera oil

Virgin Coconut Oil

Oil is available in the market are mainly used for hair or beauty treatments. In addition, a type of oil is sold in the open market, which is called crushed coconut oil. This oil is now used by many for food or other purposes. Lately, many people are claiming that the fatty ingredients in this oil are healthy, which is beneficial to play regularly.

However, experts say no such evidence has been found yet. Especially since it is a nutritious food, it is better not to include natural oil in people’s daily diet suffering from heart disease.

Loses Weight

Many fans of this oil claim that it contains a particular type of fatty acid called lauric acid, which is very ‘healthy.’ It is possible to lose weight very quickly by playing.

But different voices are being heard in the voices of experts. According to them, fat is fat. As fatty foods are heavy, it seems that the stomach is full after playing a little. Coconut fat is thicker from this side. This means that food cooked in natural oil may feel heavier. However, no evidence eating it will reduce Weight.

Good for digestion

It is also said that eating this oil helps indigestion. This oil cures various digestive problems, including flatulence.

But experts are reluctant to accept this demand. This oil, being saturated fat, may work a little differently than other sources of fat, they say, but no evidence of digestive benefits has been found.

Boosts immunity

The healthy fats in thisoil help the body fight against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

This oil is used in various skin care products such as soaps, lotions, and creams. From that point of view, thsi oil applies to the skin, but experts are not sure whether it can prevent the disease from inside the body.

Coconut oil is harmful at over high heat

Copra oil has been used in South Indian cuisine for hundreds of years. Lately, in our country also, some health-conscious people are using this oil in cooking. Because many people think that this oil never burns even if it is cooked at high temperatures, it also removes various toxic substances from food.

According to experts, cooking is not usually done at such a high temperature in the home kitchen. High heat is sometimes used during deep frying in restaurant oil. In general, oil works in cooking just like light olive oil.

The result

Different types of cocos nucifera oil have been used for many years. However, there is still no substantial evidence that this oil can benefit health-conscious people.

Olive oil and fish oil are known to reduce the risk of heart disease, and this idea has been scientifically proven. However, the same cannot be said about oil.

However, experts say that if oil is occasionally included in the list of a balanced diet, then it may not be risky.

So can it be used for any purpose?

Of course not! According to a recent New York Times poll, 72 percent of Americans think oil is healthy, but only 36 percent of nutritionists agree. Oil may not be the solution to everything. There are some situations when using oil is not suitable. Find out these situations-

1. If you want to lose Weight

Proponents of fatty oils say that oil helps reduce your waist fat. But it doesn’t work that way. Carrie Gaines, the author of The Small Change Diet, says it’s high in calories. However, this oil is much healthier than any alternative. One tablespoon of oil contains 116 calories. So use oil but not in large quantities.

2. Cholesterol

It is better to do everything in moderation which also applies to food oil. Gains said that one tablespoon of oil contains 12 grams of saturated fat, linked to heart disease and high cholesterol. According to the American Heart Association, the saturated fat intake needs to be limited to 13 grams per day.

3. As a toothpaste

Rinsing the face with oil is beneficial for dental health, which is a principle of Ayurveda. But a research report published in the international journal Clinical Pediatric Dentistry states that oil pooling does not provide any additional benefits in terms of bacterial eradication.

4. In open wounds

When copra oil is applicable to a cut, exposed wound, or scratched skin. It can cause redness, burning, and itching. However, you can apply it for open wounds.

5. As sunscreen

“Coco oil indeed protects against ultraviolet rays,” researcher said. But its SPF is only like 8, where we need at least SPF 30 sunscreen. So you should not use it instead of sunscreen.

6. Bath time

Copra oil can soften the skin, but it can cause excess oiliness in the skin if not appropriately massaged. Also, if oil falls on the floor or tub, there is a possibility of slipping. You may get hurt as a result.

7. In cooking

You can use refined copra oil for high heat frying. The smoking point of refined oil is 232 degrees centigrade. However, the smoke point of crude oil is 16 degrees centigrade. Moreover, you should never use this oil for deep frying.

8. During the winter

Cocos nucifera oil helps to cool food. So it is better to use it in cooking during hot weather. But it is advisable to avoid using it in winter.

Final Thought

Coconut oil has a wide range of uses. You can use it as food and medicine. Moreover, women are using it for beautification of their body. Whatever may be the case it must  be natural from a coconut tree. Please share this article with your friends if they actually need these suggestions.

Dr. Ayman Afia is a beauty, herbal, and essential oil expert. She has five years of working experience. She loves making essential oil, homemade remedy products, and delicious food. Dr. Afia formulates safe and effective essential oil blends for various concerns. Her expertise in herbs creates natural remedies for minor to severe ailments. As a skilled chef, Dr. Afia creates delicious and healthy recipes with herbal benefits. She offers personalized beauty regimens based on experience. Moreover, she is passionate about promoting natural remedies and healthy living.