What is Grapeseed Oil Good for? Best 20 Unique Uses

Grapeseed oil is one of nature’s most chemically neutral vegetable oils, making it great for culinary purposes. Besides multiple health benefits, the oil has general dermatological uses as well. 

Surprisingly, It is considered a waste product of the wine industry, but now a valuable commodity due to remarkable changes in extraction techniques in the last century. We will discuss everything about this oil in the later part of the article.   


Early 20th-century grapeseed oil was considered a waste of the wine industry. With advanced extraction technology, this oil production became viable and lucrative. Previously in the 1930s, French chefs introduced the culinary use of Grapeseed. Later, it becomes more prevalent in European cuisine.   

Besides culinary uses, it has versatile uses in skincare, cosmetics, and moisturizers. In both cases, eventually, the use of this essential oil is increasing gradually. 

What is grapeseed oil?

Any grape seeds contain from 8% to 20% of oil. The oil from these seeds is yellowish-green, silk-like texture, and is lighter than most vegetable oil. With modern extraction methods, oils have been extracted from the seed. Moreover, some particular characteristics and benefits make it more valuable and profitable. 

This oil has not had many nutrients like other vegetable oil, but this polyunsaturated fat contains enough omega-6, vitamin E, and fatty acids to consider healthy. Flavor neutrality is another feature behind its high demand in cooking. In the meantime, It can retain moisture and brighten and tighten the skin, which makes it one of the best candidates for skin care products and other cosmetics.      

How to Make Organic grapeseed oil

Although it is not financially viable to produce and extract these seeds and their oil at home, It provides the best oil. However, You can extract oil from grape seeds by following some small steps. We will discuss the extraction method below.

  1. Cleaning: At first, wash out all darts and dry them properly. Then you should put them under the sun for 1-2 days.  
  2. Drying and Warming: After the dehydration, you must check the moisture level in the seeds. Generally, 10% humidity is suitable for oil extraction. Before pressing the seeds, warm them for 10 minutes at 100℉ in an oven. 
  3. Extraction: Put the warm seed in the oil expeller. You will receive oil with some scum. You can rest the oil for a few weeks and let the scum float over the oil. Then you can quickly scrap the scum out of the oil. After the cleaning, you must store the oil in a cold and dry place to retain the chemical benefit of this oil.  

How does grapeseed oil work?

Unlike other vegetable Unlike other vegetable <yoastmark class=This essential oil is low in nutrients but high in antioxidants like phenols, and vitamin E, saving your cell from degradation and delaying aging. It is high in polyunsaturated fat, which prevents cardiovascular disease. 

The high percentage of omega-6 fatty acids makes it even more beneficial. It increases metabolism, stimulates hair and skin growth, improves bone health, and maintain reproductive health. Because of that, it has become a healthy option for edible oil alongside its dermatological importance.  

Cultivation of Grapeseed

Grapeseed or grape cultivation is similar to most other crops, but your need some technical knowledge related to grape cultivation, which will help you yield the best result in contrast to your effort. We will provide you with the step-by-step cultivation process in the following discussion.

Grapeseed or grape cultivation is similar to most other crops

  1. Selection of Variant: There is numerous variant of grapes. Some are good for fruit, and some for larger seeds. No one cultivates grapes only for their seeds. You can produce a limited amount of seed for personalized needs.
  2. Obtain and prepare the seeds: You can buy seeds from the local nursery or collect seeds from the fruit you can collect. For some areas, there is an available option for the wild grape variant. After the collection, separate the healthy seed from others by drowning them in water. Heavy and healthy seeds will always sink into the bottom of your pot. Then separate the viable seed and rehydrate them in distilled water.
  3. Hibernation: You must wait 24 hours to soak all the seeds in water. It will help if you put the seeds in an air-tight container. As a species, grapes germinate better after a long winter hibernation. You can imitate the natural phenomena by putting the tray in a refrigerator and setting the temperature between 1-3℃ or 30-40℉ for two to three months.
  4. Indoor plantation: Depending on your area, you can plant the seeds at the end of the winter. If you plant them first in a tray or a pot and keep them indoors for better weather control, you might have some good results. Then you can plant them 0.5 inches deep in your primary bed or pot. Grape seed usually takes 2-8 weeks to sprout. You have to wait until your seedling grows as long as 12 inches.
  5. Prepare the garden: Grapes are delicate crops. Before planting, you must adjust the pH between 5.5 and 6.5 based on the cultivated species. You also control the silt, sand, limestone, or clay percentage on your grape bed. You must adjust the soil combination based on your species and the use of grapes.
  6. Moving Outdoor: When your seedling reaches close to 12 inches, you might shift them to the outdoor garden. You must plant them 2.5 meters apart to provide enough space to grow. Grapes need 7-8 hours of bright sunlight per day. You must choose the bright part of your garden for grapes. After two weeks, you must add 10-10-10 fertilizers once and repeat them yearly.
  7. Support for Plant: A few sticks can hold your vine in the first year. With the growth, you must build a support structure to hold your vine in place. It will take quite a few years to grow grapes. So you must build a robust support system.
  8. Take care and Wait: In the first year, you must wait and see the growth. In the second year, make sure to add fertilizer and prune the first flower to retain the strength of the plants. In the third year, you can keep part of your flower, but in the fourth year, you can have all of your flowers and harvest them at the right time. You have to prune the excessive part of your plant. Ensure you prune the dead and old parts because only a 1-year-old vine can produce flowers.

Uses and Benefits of grapeseed oil

I think you will enjoy the generous benefits of this oil. Here are the 20 uses of this incredible oil:

1. Suitable for the Heart

It contains a good amount of polyunsaturated fat that can prevent the accumulation of bad cholesterol. Your heart can function better than usual with a healthy, widened blood vessel.  

2. Anti-aging properties

This oil contains vitamin E, an excellent fat-soluble antioxidant that protects your cells from damage by all-natural causes. Besides vitamin E, it contains polyphenols that will prevent premature aging by reversing the symptoms associated with aging, like dark spots, lines, wrinkles, etc. Eventually, it will work as an anti-aging component for your body.Eventually, it will work as an anti-aging component for your body.

3. Ingenious Culinary Use

One of the most flavor-neutral oils, it can help retain the flavors you like the most. It has a high smoke point. Besides, it is suitable for prolonged frying. Because of that, some chefs started to like this oil as a substitute for other vegetable oil.    

some chefs started to like this oil as a substitute for other vegetable oil.    

4. Prevent Alopecia:

You may suffer from hair loss or thin hair. For your cure, a high level of OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) in this oil can save you from premature hair loss. 

5. Fight Dandruff:

If you have some condition like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infection, seborrhea, etc., which may cause dandruff. Grape seed oil can cure your dandruff problem by solving mentioned problems.  

6. Moisturizer:

The grapeseed oil is good for Moisturization. You may find products with the oil or add oil to your favorite lotion to get the best moisture-locking performance.  

The grapeseed oil is good for Moisturization

7. Dry Skin Solution:

This essential oil has a lot of linoleic acids and vitamin E, which is the best solution for dull and dry skin. A few drops of this essential oil with moisturizer can heal your dry skin. 

8. Wrinkle:

Properties like vitamin E and linoleic acid content in grapeseed oil work as anti-aging agents and remove or erase wrinkles.

9. Uneven Skin Tone:

It has a high level of antioxidants like proanthocyanidin, which can flatten uneven skin tone. With the help of this oil, you can have an even-looking skin tone in no time. You may get glowing skin after using this essential oil as you may get after using Turmeric essential oil.

10. Acne solution:

It helps to break out the acne pore without much damage to the skin. Later, grape seed oil massage can reduce the acne scar gradually.  

11. UV Protection:

A few drops of this essential oil in your sunscreen can make it even better for protecting your skin from UV rays. High levels of antioxidants like proanthocyanidin and alfa tocopherol are present in this oil, which is well known for its UV protection capacity. 

12. Diminish Pregnancy Stretch Marks:

The pregnancy stretch mark is hard to eliminate. However, regular massage of this oil can erase the stretch mark forever. 

13. Strengthen the Collagen:

Collagen is the main component of your skin that holds its structure. Thanks to its high level of Vitamin E, which can improve the restoration process of collagen and give you better and young-looking skin. 

14. Cure Knee Pain:

This essential oil is well known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative functions; both work as anti-osteoarthritis agents. If you have joint pains, you must use this oil for massage, which will cure your pain eventually.    

15. Anti-inflammatory:

This oil contains many fatty acids like Omega – 6, and fatty acid is good for preventing or reducing inflammatory issues. For the benefit, you can use this essential oil in your foods. 

16. Anti-microbial Properties:

Grapeseed oil contains some Flavan-3-ol, well-known for its anti-microbial properties. As a result, Grapeseed oil is widespread among some anti-microbial cosmetics. 

17. Antifungal Use:

It is proven that this oil can slow down or halt the growth of certain kinds of fungi. The main reason for its anti-fungi property is the presence of Flavan-3-ol in this medically beneficial oil.   

18. Weight Loss:

You can lose excess weight by consuming little of this beneficial oil. Because it contains Nootkatone, which increases the rate of your metabolism, stimulates energy levels and makes you much more active. All of these can save you from diet-based obesity. 

19. Healing the wound:

According to the result of Free Radical Biology and Medicine research, It can speed up the healing process of any wound. 

20. Prevent Cognitive Decline:

The “Proanthocyanidin” extract is standard in grapeseed oil and can work as a neuroprotector to save your cognitive ability from decline. 


  1. Cancer: Some types of rapeseed oil may contain Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), which can cause cancer in some test animals. And excessive use can be equally harmful to humans. 
  2. Obesity: Grapeseed oil is very high in fat content; therefore, you must consume it in limited quantities. Otherwise, you will have to deal with other health problems associated with obesity. 
  3. Blood Thinning: It can thin your blood. You must avoid grapeseed oil if you have blood disorders or are on a blood thinning treatment. 
  4. Toxicity: Most industrially produced grapeseeds use hexane during extraction, a neurotoxin. The presence of Hexane in the oil can harm you and even more harmful to the extraction factory workers. 

How to use

You can use it as a regular vegetable oil in your cooking. It has some high smoke points so that you can fry anything. You can drizzle a bit of oil on your salad.

Add a few drops of oil to your favorite moisturizing lotion or cream. That will help to retain the moister even longer. You can massage the oil on your joints to elevate pain.  

This essential oil works well with other essential lubricants. You can mix it with other essential oil for extra-soft skin. 

Extraction of this oil is available in capsule form, and you can take them orally for other benefits.  

Where to Buy

You can buy Grapeseed oil from your local store, supermarket, or mall. Furthermore, you may have multiple reputed brands available in your local retail store. Additionally, you can buy them online in stores. If you can manage the original product from a reputable brand, you can rely on it.   

What is the product made of Grapeseed?

The most common product made from this essential oil is refined oil for cooking. You may also find massaging products, moisturizing lotion, sunblock, hygiene-related products, hair products, lip balm, hand creams, etc., made with this organic oil. Moreover, grapeseed oil extract is recently marketed as a capsule for oral consumption. 

You can find a raw or refined version of this oil on the shelf at any store. If you visit the cosmetic aisle and read the component written behind different cosmetic and hygienic products, some of them contain pure raw oil or extracted oil. 

The Facts of Grapeseed Oil

  1. Grapeseed is a by-product of the wine industry. It is not a viable option for oil for a long time. Only last-century technology could make it profitable to extract oil from grape seeds.  
  2. It is one of the most chemically neutral and flavorless vegetable oils. 
  3. French chefs consider it for their cooking because it does not alter the flavor of their delicate cuisine. 
  4. Using Hexane made the extraction process more efficient and economical. Still, Hexane’s toxicity can overrun this oil’s benefit.
  5. The high percentage of polyunsaturated fat makes it a better alternative than most vegetable oil. 
  6. It is high in antioxidants, making it suitable for increasing bodily activity and metabolism, improving hair and skin, and so on.   
  7. Grapeseed oil contains a high level of Omega 6 fatty acids, and fatty acid is suitable for your gut health. 
  8. It is one of the best products for preventing hair loss and premature graying.
  9. It is suitable for your skin because it is filled with antioxidants. You may solve your aging problem, erase the scar, and make your skin healthier.
  10. This oil can be a good massage for joint pain and faster wound healing. 
  11. It can kill microbes and fungi or prevent them from growing. So, You may find this oil an ingredient in many anti-fungal or anti-microbial products. 
  12. This cooking oil has a high smoking point. For this reason, You can fry anything with it for a long time without any harmful attributes. 
  13. Too much use of this high antioxidant certainly can cause cancer. 
  14. Consuming too much will surely make you attain more weight and prone to other diseases. 

Final Thought

Grapeseed oil has multiple use and benefits. You can use them as a bit expensive but better alternative to cooking oil. It tastes not only pleasing but also good for your heart. You can use raw oil for other skin or hair care. Besides, You may find various cosmetics products made for your skin, hair, or other body parts with this essential oil. On the contrary, this vegetable oil can give you some side effects you may want to avoid. Gathering adequate knowledge before using this can prevent that.   

Dr. Ayman Afia is a beauty, herbal, and essential oil expert. She has five years of working experience. She loves making essential oil, homemade remedy products, and delicious food. Dr. Afia formulates safe and effective essential oil blends for various concerns. Her expertise in herbs creates natural remedies for minor to severe ailments. As a skilled chef, Dr. Afia creates delicious and healthy recipes with herbal benefits. She offers personalized beauty regimens based on experience. Moreover, she is passionate about promoting natural remedies and healthy living.