The Best 15 Uses of Turmeric Essential Oil and its Beauty Benefits

Turmeric is one of the most common spices you have ever known. You may know this by using it in cooking and making your food yellowish. You may have heard about Turmeric’s Ayurvedic benefits and medical value. But you have less chance to know about turmeric oil and its health benefits. 


You must trace back 4000 years to learn about Turmeric’s first use. In ancient India, Turmeric was used in case of medical purposes. Later they made it usable in cooking. Over time, this spice reached China, West Africa, and East Africa.

In 1200 AD, Turmeric was spread across the world widely by Marco Polo. Today we distill rhizomes of Turmeric and derive Turmeric essential oil. You can now use this essential oil from Turmeric for aromatherapy, cosmetic application, and therapeutic use.

What is Turmeric Oil? 

Turmeric Oil

Turmeric oil is extracted from the root of this plant. Turmeric is considered a plant of the ginger family. Mainly the species named Curcuma longa is the one that we call Turmeric. It has anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains a massive load of antioxidants. 

Like other essential oil, you have to dilute it with other carrier oil. You can use Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Sunflower oil, Sweet Almond oil, and Apricot Oil as the carrier oil

How to Make Organic Turmeric Oil

How to Make Organic Turmeric Oil

You can make turmeric essential oil in two methods. 

1. Dilute with the powdered Turmeric.

2. Extract oil from the roots of Turmeric. 

The first method is the fastest and easiest way to produce turmeric oil. But the latter is the most complex and unsuitable for making at home. So now we will go with the easy seven steps to make organic essential oil.

Step 01: Pour three tablespoons of turmeric powder into a tea bag and seal it tightly.

Step 02: Place this bag filled with turmeric powder into a jar containing carrier oil. You should put 6 oz (weight) of carrier oil in the jar.

Step 03: Now, you should place your jar in a pan that contains water.

Step 04: At this point, you turn on your burner and set the temperature low. You should leave the jar for 2-3 hours.

Step 05: The water in the jar will undoubtedly evaporate. So you must keep your eyes on the pot and fill it with water repeatedly.  

Step 06: Now remove the jar from the pan and let it be cooled down. You can use a towel to cover the jar because it will prevent the jar from being cracked. 

Step 07: At last, you have to add 15 drops of Vitamin E. Vitamin E extends the longevity of oil. 

How does it work?

Turmeric is very familiar among health-conscious for its health miracle and benefits. Turmeric oil, which is extracted from its roots, is also beneficial like it. It contains a rich amount of antioxidants which help to protect you from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and fatal deadly diseases from all causes.

It has anti-inflammatory compounds which help you to get rid of skin-related diseases. Besides, turmeric oil has anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal abilities that may be helpful to your hair and skin. 


The main ingredient to produce turmeric oil is the plant itself. You may need the high ground to farm turmeric. Typically, 1500 meters from the sea level is a good ground for cultivating quality turmeric. Besides, the temperature should be constant between 20-30 degree Celsius.

It grows well if it receives 1500-2250mm of rainfall annually. Please cultivate Turmeric in sandy and clayey soil. The leading producer of Turmeric in the world is India. The mountainous land of Andhra Pradesh in India alone produces 47.0% of the demand.

Uses and Benefits of Turmeric Oil

Uses and Benefits of Turmeric Oil

Turmeric oil has excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-fungal, and aromatic benefits. Along with these, some benefits of turmeric essential oil are:

1. Oil for knee pain

You may be surprised that an average of 1 out of 10 older people in America have knee pain. Turmeric oil can reduce knee pain significantly. Primarily it can mitigate pain for those who are suffering from Osteoarthritis. But it will not help you in case of swelling or cartilage alteration.

2. Oil for unwanted hair

It is very annoying to have unwanted hair on the face and armpits. You can get rid of this annoyance by following two methods.

  • Turmeric essential oil has substances that reduce the growth of hair.
  • Use a mask made using turmeric essential oil. It will weaken the roots of your unwanted hair. Then pull the hair out manually.

3. Oil for weight loss

Turmeric oil contains a compound named Curcumin. This compound can suppress some markers that may cause obesity. A 30 days study shows that 44 people who had tried many methods could not reduce their weight. 

Once these 44 people had been given 800 milligrams of Curcumin and 8 milligrams of Piperine two times a day, they lost weight dramatically.

4. Oil for wrinkles 

Many of us are worried about the fine lines and wrinkles on our faces. You may make a mask with a mixture of turmeric oil, tomato juice, and rice powder. If you leave the mask on your face for 30 minutes daily, you will get effective results in fine lines and wrinkles. 

5. Oil for a healthy nervous system

Mixing turmeric oil, coconut milk, and honey can make a tasteful drink. This drink will calm your nervous system. It will also bring back balance to your cellular function. Mostly this is an excellent tonic for healthy cellular and nerve balance.

6. Oil for supporting your metabolism

Turmeric essential oil helps your glucose and lipid metabolism. Add two drops of turmeric oil to at least 4 ounces of water. After consuming this water, your metabolism will get a slight boost. 

7. Oil for treating cold

Turmeric oil has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory capabilities. This essential oil will clear your nasal congestion and fight out germs that cause colds. To get an effective result, you must add 5-6 drops of oil to a bowl of hot water. Then inhale the vapor and get rid of a stuffy nose. 

8. Oil for lightning your skin

Turmeric is a vastly used Ayurvedic particle to lighten skin. So it would be no wonder that applying turmeric essential oil to your skin will do the same. It will also clear out hyperpigmentation on your skin. You should add two drops of turmeric essential oil to 3 tablespoons of olive oil and store it in a jar. But you have to use a very minimum amount of this essential oil to avoid a yellowish tint on your skin.

9. Oil for fighting colon cancer

A study in 2013 at Kyoto University in Japan shows that aromatic Turmerone and Curcumin in turmeric oil can fight colon cancer. Curcumin and Turmerone, consumed by mouth, can stop the formation of cancer tumors. Researchers assume that Curcumin addition with Turmerone may have the potential natural prevention of colon cancer.

10. Oil for drying acne and pimples

Turmeric oil can dry out acne and pimple. It has the anti-fungal and antiseptic ability to clear out acne and prevent further breakouts. But it would be best if you made it mild by adding more carrier oil with this essential oil.

11. Oil for defeating dandruff

You can mix turmeric oil with your regular hair oil. Then gently massage it on your scalp for 10 minutes. Then leave it for 2 hours before bath. Using this method twice a week for two months will get you an effective result. This essential oil has an anti-microbial capability which helps to reduce dandruff.

12. Oil for curing cracked heels

In winter, it is a widespread phenomenon to have cracked heels. You can add a few drops of turmeric oil to 2-3 tablespoons of Castor or Coconut oil. Then massage this to your feet before sleep. After regular application of this essential oil, your heels will soften, and cracks will diminish.

13. Oil for relieving inflammation

Turmeric oil has a natural anti-inflammatory compound. It will relieve you from inflammation immediately. You should add 3-4 drops of turmeric essential oil to Coconut or Jojoba oil. Then apply this solution to the area where you have inflammation. 

14. Oil for preventing hair loss

The fungal attack can damage your scalp. This disease may cause rapid hair loss. In this case, turmeric oil can be a perfect tonic to end the fungal attack on your scalp. You should apply turmeric essential oil to your scalp regularly. Within a few weeks, this tonic should eradicate all the fungi on your scalp. 

15. Oil for easing sunburn

Turmeric oil has photoprotective properties that can protect you from sunburn. You should add 30 drops of turmeric oil to a 250ml jar of aloe vera gel and mix them. Then store them in the darker corner of your house for better shelf life. You should apply this mixture to the affected area, not the whole face.


Caution of Turmeric

Taken by mouth: You shouldn’t consume turmeric essential oil containing more than 8 mg of Curcumin in a single day if you will use it for two months. If you intend to use it for three months, then the curcumin dosage must be at most 3 mg. 

Pregnancy: Using a low amount of turmeric oil during pregnancy is safe. But consumption of a higher amount can cause a menstrual cycle or uterine stimulation. This situation will put your pregnancy at stake. 

Gallbladder problems: Turmeric oil is strictly prohibited if you suffer from gallbladder problems. 

Infertility: Very high use of turmeric oil can reduce your testosterone hormone and slower the movement of your sperm. So you should avoid turmeric oil while you are trying for a baby. 

Before surgery: Turmeric oil may slow your blood cutting. So you should avoid using turmeric oil for two weeks before surgery. 

How to use

In the case of aroma therapy: If you are taking aroma therapy for stress relief, you should diffuse 2-3 drops of turmeric oil. Then inhale the vapor.

In case of facial use: You can add 1-2 drops of turmeric oil to your face wash, lotion, serum, and face mask. Then apply it to the area concerned. The application time may vary on the intensity of your problem.

In case of external use: You may use turmeric oil for pain relief or inflammation. Mix 5 drops of turmeric oil with five drops of carrier oil like Coconut, Jojoba, Olive, or Sweet Almond oil. Then apply it to the affected area.

In case of internal use: You should be more careful while the usage concerns internally. You may use only USDA-certified reputed brands. You can add one drop of turmeric oil to water or one drop to 1 tablespoon of honey before swallowing. 

Where to Buy

Making turmeric oil at home is convenient. It is, instead, a trouble-free and straightforward way to get this essential oil. However, there are numerous cosmetics companies selling turmeric essential oil.

Amazon, Indiamart, E-bay, etc., online shops

Turmeric essential oil is sold on online e-commerce platforms very frequently today. One can locate the best oil at the lowest price here in many promotions and campaigns these stores run throughout the year.

Where to Buy Turmeric oil

Nearby cosmetics shops

You usually will get turmeric oil very quickly in any cosmetics shop. But you should be aware that the product is either certified by the concerned authority or not.

What is the product made of Turmeric Oil?

Turmeric oil is one of many essential oils on the market. But recently, it has gained popularity for its health and beauty benefits. These products you may find around you:

the product made of Turmeric Oil

1. Turmeric Essential Oil

2. Turmeric Oil with Vitamin C

3. Turmeric Dark Spot Corrector Serum

4. Turmeric Aroma Therapy Oil

5. Turmeric Oil – CO2 Extracted

6. Turmeric Essential Face Oil

7. Turmeric Essential Moisturizing Repair Oil

8. Turmeric Undiluted 100% Pure Oil

9. Turmeric Vanishing Cream with Sandalwood Oil

The Facts of This Oil

The Facts of This Oil

1. Turmeric oil can produce in two methods. Either the ground turmeric mixes with carrier oil or extracted oil from the roots of this plant.

2. India produces the finest Turmeric and  oil in the world. They are also the largest producer of this. Roughly 90% of the raw materials for turmeric oil are produced in India. 

3. Overusing turmeric oil will leave a yellow tint on your skin.

4. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, antioxidant, anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, and other abilities. It contains Curcumin which possesses tons of tremendous benefits.

5. Turmeric oil is strictly prohibited for those who have surgery within two weeks, are trying to have children, and have gallbladder-related difficulties. In the case of breastfeeding and pregnancy, it is advised that the mother should be aware of having a low amount of usage of oil.

Final Thought

Turmeric oil may be a very new phenomenon in health and beauty care. But Turmeric has been used for a long time for skin care, health benefits, and aroma therapy. So, turmeric oil would not be different in the case of medical and beauty benefits. Apart from some minor side effects, this essential oil can be your best companion for your health, skin, and hair.

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