About Us

What Do We do?

Founded in 2021, Aarizbd.com is the trending and leading product review blog. Our motto is to help the consumer before making their decision. Before selecting any necessary product user will get a detailed review detailing ingredients, features, and uses. We are dedicated to our readers to give better up-to-date information. We also support manufacturers, producers, and business organizations to promote their products.

 We’re a team of over five editors who live and breathe, gaining and sharing knowledge. Our main concerns are various oil, food, travel, and lifestyle products. The reader will get the complete valuable information after reading this blog’s post. With the simple mission, we would like to help our readers with better decision-making.

 All the time, we remain excited to offer you in-depth reviews of the latest and greatest products and services. Indeed, we will provide trustworthy recommendations of the best products today for your better living. 

Our blog has been designed to be easy to read and navigate on any screen size, from phone to tablet to a PC monitor. We also made it responsive so that you can read Aarizbd.com content on the move on your smart device. And to ensure you’re always in the know about the best products and services and receive the hottest one straight to your inbox, sign up for our free newsletter.

Who We Are?

Ayman Afia

Afia is the veteran writer of AARIZBD. She has a vast knowledge of different essential oil for beauty. So, she is experienced in applying natural oil to the skin and body. She loves to read and write. The author also maintains a health-related YouTube Channel.

MD. Asadullah Al Galib

Galib is a dedicated writer for AARIZBD.com. He has a vast interest in different herbal products and natural plants. He loves to read and write his cumulative knowledge for the readers. The author is a keen fan of sports and anime. Moreover, he loves to learn new things.